Today there has been a lot of change in the comparison of earlier times in the life of mankind and the speed with which human life is changing is amazing. If we consider the fact, technology is used in more than 80% of the different processes happening in Delhi in a person's life and it proves itself that how much we depend on technology in today's era. went. We are surrounded by technology such as mobile phones, mobile networks, electrical gadgets, electricity, microwave extras. If suddenly technology is separated from mankind, then in today's time life will be impossible. And the impact of this technology has also fallen on the education system to a large extent because of the changes that are taking place, technical education has become very important and that is why the education system of every country is implementing technological studies within itself so that it can impart technical knowledge to the people studying inside it. Technology also needs some things and they are those without which technology cannot do its work, hence they are called core technologies and one such core technology is named, Electricity without which almost no technology can work. Electricity is a technological concept that is used from an individual to the entire world and without it, life seems impossible. And of course, a skilled workforce is needed to run and handle such a useful resource efficiently and here most education system comes in handy where they must make the children studying inside themselves aware of the technology. To work in a field like electricity, a student must have a technical degree such as a B.Tech degree in electrical engineering because to work in this field, it is necessary for the candidate to be fully specialized in this field. 

Facts and Figures:
If we look at the power generation from India's perspective, then India produces the 3rd highest number of electricity production worldwide with 15,61,100 GWh units of electricity. If a country is producing such a high amount of electricity, it means that it must be consuming that much quantity of electricity as well and that's why India is also the third-highest electricity consuming country in the world with 1181 KWh units of electricity per person per year. Due to such a vast sector, employment opportunities are equally high in it and due to this, the craze of electrical engineering among Indian students is quite popular. The company mainly uses fossil fuels for production but now initiated through cleaner and greener sources such as hydro and solar energy and managed to secure 2nd rank Independent Power Producer in Platts Top 250 Global Energy Company Rankings. 

Many big players of India are doing their business in the electricity production field and have been expanding themselves continuously for many years. One such energy production company is NTPC (National Thermal Power Corporation) which holds the topmost position in the energy sector and produces more than 22.5% of India's total generation during the financial year 2019 due to its focus on high efficiency. Being such a big company, taking a job in it is like a dream for many aspirants, especially holding a degree in the majors of electrical and electronics engineering.
Recruitment Opportunities in NTPC:

Generally, NTPC releases a lot of vacancies on an annual basis but the most attractive among them is an electrical engineer and a student must have electrical or electronics engineeringdegree to be eligible for that post. GATE 2021 exam scores are considered for the recruitment among various posts in the NTPC, after which personal interview and group discussion rounds are conducted and the final merit list of selected candidates is made. The notification for the recruitment of NTPC 2020 was released in February and the exam date was kept in May and June which has now been extended and no information has been given on the date yet. For more information, students check the official website regularly.

NTPC has a huge hand behind the technology working smoothly in our lives and the way NTPC is progressing, it will soon be one of the top electricity production companies worldwide that can be a major and respectable career option among the young generation.

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