SDM started arguing and making threat

Hello sir/ma'am, I'm a citizen of Bhopal , Madhya Pradesh. I wanted to report an incident which the police department has failed to solve and is becoming a big issue. Today a mob was gathered in front of my house and threaten me to life. 

So I made noise complaint at 10:15 pm 01/07/18 against the marriage hall. The police as expected came so late that I had call 4-5 times. They asked people to stop the music, one of the person in the marriage hall claimed himself to be a SDM of Bhopal. He told me that he has stopped the music and I should return to house. I was doing the same, then asked where is it written that a person can not play loud music in late hours. I told him I amaze that you're a SDM and you have no knowledge of it. I told him under Environment Protection regulation act of 2008, the state prohibits loud music after 10 pm. He then started arguing and making threat. There was a huge mob ready to attack me and my family. 

The police stood there and did nothing. I was forced to get inside the house because of threats. Right when I took out my to record the incendent, they again made threats in front of police and the police did nothing.  I'm attaching a video to send some prove, I can get more video from my security camera to show the mob and the police officers being there.  Hoping to hear back from you. 
Khwaja Umair

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